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Olive Tree Promise

Providing a FREE fundraising storefront to help adoptive families bring their children home.

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Why Olive Tree Promise?

Adoption can cost tens of thousands of dollars.

Up to 50% of your purchase goes to helping our families bring their children home.

Why Olive Tree Promise?

Allows our vendors to live out Deuteronomy 24:20 by giving them an opportunity to leave some of their proceeds behind for the orphan.

Why Olive Tree Promise?

Many of the products give people around the world a skill to provide for their families. It gives these families HOPE and a way for ministries to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Picture courtesy of Ekubo Ministries

Are You An Adoptive Family?

If you are an adoptive family fundraising for your adoption, consider signing up to be one of our families. It's FREE and you get up to 50% of the proceeds.

Our Story

The Thew Family


We are a military family of six and we are adding two more kids from China through adoption! Thank you for checking out these amazing items and for helping us bring these two home! :)

Featured Products

'FAITH' Alphabet Print

12"x18" print with Hebrews 12:2 Scripture


Mosquito Net Donation - Zambia

Buy a net - save a life.


Baby Formula Donation - Ethiopia

Help feed starving infants in Africa.


Ethiopian Children's Cat Purse

Perfect for your little girl!